Thursday, October 25, 2012

Athertyn Pursuits Fall-Winter 2012-- Making the Lifestyle Move

Athertyn resident and prominent Philadelphian Eliana Papadakis
"If not now, when?" That's a common refrain we hear when visitors to Athertyn contemplate living here. They've come to the delightful realization that the right move could enable them to follow their passions more fully. That’s precisely how prominent Philadelphian Eliana Papadakis felt when she decided to move to Athertyn. Here is an excerpt from a recent interview with Eliana in which she shared her motivations and personal experience on making the lifestyle move:

What motivated you to move to a lifestyle community?

At this point in my life, managing a big house was out of the question. Athertyn has allowed me to right-size to a more convenient home — a condominium that fits all my favorite possessions, without the responsibilities of a large home. At Athertyn, I’m set-up for success. I have the freedom to pick up and go, with the knowledge that everything is secure within my domain. Especially as a single woman — Athertyn is a safe place where I can come and go as I please.

Why did you choose Athertyn at Haverford Reserve?

In addition to being the newest option in the area, Athertyn offers privacy, which is very important to me. I’m able to relax on my terrace and look onto a beautiful, wooded landscape that will never be developed. My home here is just a different scale of how I lived before, without the maintenance that my former house imposed.

What was the transition like, downsizing from a large home?

Other than the actual move itself, not much has changed. I'm still in close proximity to my friends and family. I’m actually closer to downtown Philadelphia than I was before — I can make it there in 15 minutes. And I’m still within my neighborhood — I even use the same dry cleaner.

Do you still have privacy in a lifestyle community?

Before I moved to Athertyn, my concern was lack of privacy, but it’s just the opposite. The buildings are built with steel and concrete — they’re solid. You don’t usually see anyone or hear anyone, Eliana Papadakis and Athertyn at Haverford Reserve residents socialize
unless you choose to. Sure, I can easily stop by and visit somebody, but here you have the option to be left alone if you so choose.

How would you describe the Athertyn community?

We are a very diverse community. Residents come from all different walks of life. Some individuals are still working and others are retired. It’s a unique group of professionals and intellectuals. And, it’s very social — many people do call each other up and go out to dinner or a movie.

Any advice for those thinking of about a lifestyle community move?

Put your energy into doing the things that delight you…what you couldn’t do before because you had to cut the grass or call the repairman. My philosophy is to be optimistic and make the best of what the world has given me. Make the decision to move and do not look back. Move forward — now is your time to live and do what you’ve always dreamed of.

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