Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love and Longevity

When motivational business speaker, Harvey MacKay once said “find something you love to do and you’ll never have work a day in your life, “ he wasn’t just talking about your occupation.  He was also talking about your way of life.

Doing the things you love to do is essential to long life

Admit it – we all get tied down by the typical responsibilities and tasks we face each day, in the office and at home.  But who’s to say we shouldn’t take more time out of our daily routine to indulge in those pleasures and hobbies that we truly love.  Well organizations, such as the National Institute on Aging, are conducting research to prove just that – that we should enjoy those pleasures more often.  The benefits of this commitment don’t just promise happiness and joy, surprisingly enough they also ensure you a much longer life as well.

According to the study, “people who are involved in hobbies and other social and leisure pursuits may be at lower risk for (and less likely to develop) some health problems, including dementia.  They might even live longer.  In one study, older adults who reported participating in social activities or meaningful, productive activities  lived longer than people who did not.”

The hiking and biking trails at Athertyn at Haverford Reserve provides for an active lifestyle

It’s not just about living an active lifestyle; it’s about having a purpose – a reason to wake up every morning driven and assured.   So listen up you 77 million baby boomers out there, because this one goes out to you.  It’s time for you to make that effort to create a lifestyle tailored around the activities that you enjoy and love.  Get rid of all the petty stressors in your life, and truly just make time for you.

No doubt about it, Don and Todd Pohlig definitely hear me loud and clear on this one.  With the recent establishment of their lifestyle community, Athertyn at Haverford Reserve, Pohlig has provided empty nesters with the right environment for indulging in life’s everyday pleasures, such as gardening, card games, dinner clubs, and so much more.  Athertyn holds true that promise of happiness, joy, and longevity.  

Athertyn at Haverford Reserve will simplify your life and allow you to continue to do the things you love

As Todd Pohlig describes it “Our buyers are an extremely active group.  Athertyn gives them the chance to spend more time on the activities that interest them and to stop worrying about home maintenance and chores.”  Through Athertyn’s Resident’s Clubhouse with fitness center, pool, tennis court, and miles of nature trails surrounded by more than 120 acres of preserved open space, Pohlig has definitely guaranteed baby boomers that genuine opportunity of the pursuit of happiness.

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