Friday, May 20, 2011

Telomeres Tells Us More about Living Longer

"Stress reduction in this era is almost an oxymoron..." says Anita Vogel of Fox News. In today’s world it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of responsibilities and commitments that we all have. Between, work, family, the house, the car, and friends- the list goes on. What we don't always realize is the far-reaching effects of allowing our bodies to undergo such immense pressure in the long-run. In fact, an article by Fox News cited the recent studies of the University of San Francisco (UCSF) that proved that we have the ability to lengthen our lives by reducing the amount of stress in our life.

Athertyn’s 50+ lifestyle community offers homeowners a simplified, maintenance-free, and most importantly, a stress reduced lifestyle

How, you may ask? By observing the telomeres, a gene-protecting DNA unit, UCSF has discovered that by lengthening telomeres we can actually lengthen the life of the cell and improve and extend our good health. In their studies, they observed that those individuals living under more stressful and traumatic conditions had considerably shorter telomeres than those individuals living under normal levels of stress. 

What does this mean for the health conscious baby boomers and empty nesters of today? Stress less and live longer! From Anita's best words of advice, "Getting de-stressed takes work and determination. For some it will involve a change in lifestyle and the way they view stress and hardships. Think yoga instead of sitting around and worrying." We couldn’t agree more. With the more recent establishment of lifestyle communities, such as Atheryn, innovative thinkers like Don and Todd Pohlig have created lifestyle housing geared toward relieving homeowners from those everyday worries and stressors. Their 50+ lifestyle community not only gives residents the opportunity to indulge in the activities and hobbies that they enjoy all within the walls of their clubhouse, but they also offer homeowners a simplified, maintenance-free, and most importantly, a stress reduced lifestyle. Perhaps lifestyle communities are just that "change in lifestyle" Anita was talking about?

Reference: Reduce Stress, Extend Your Life, Thanks to DNA's 'Life-Expectancy' Gene by Anita Vogel of Fox News

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