Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How you Know Rightsizing is Right for You

While the inevitable forces of time and change might seem to be daunting in the mind of today’s baby boomers, Ciji Ware, author of the book Rightsizing Your Life, seems to think otherwise as she actively seeks the opportunity to voice her opinion on how to embrace this new stage in age by rightsizing one’s life in the best way possible. As she describes it in her book, rightsizing is a process involving an assessment of “all aspects of living, holding out the opportunity ‘to get it right, once and for all.’ which is exactly what Todd and Don Pohlig had in mind through the creation of their new 55+ lifestyle community, Athertyn at Haverford Reserve. Through this new establishment the Pohlig organization has created a “rightsize” lifestyle designed to, as Ware would describe it, “liberate you from many real-life burdens and free you in ways you cannot now imagine.” Lifestyle communities, such as Pohlig’s, have taken Ciji Ware’s concept of “rightsizing” and have made it a reality by offering empty nesters a jumpstart into that process.

Athertyn at Haverford Reserve will relieve you from many real life burdons

However, for most baby boomers there endures this lingering question of how you know whether “rightsizing” is “right” for you at this point in your life. Ciji portrays the beginnings of this self-evolution as a sort of “moment of truth” when something occurs to make you realize that it’s time for a change- “Your old life doesn’t fit anymore.” It’s time to indulge in your fantasies of leading a simplified life by redefining your way of living, which is exactly what lifestyle communities are able to offer.

To help better identify that “moment of truth,” Ciji Ware has provided a list of scenarios describing when it’s finally time to make that change and enter the process of “rightsizing:”

  • You’re sick of putting up storm windows or mowing the lawn.
  • You’ve occasionally wondered how many sets of dishes a person can eat off at one time or how many Beanie Babies constitutes a collection
  • The family pet has passed away.
  • Your last child has gone to college – and your home feels empty.
  • Your kids are grown and have moved into their own places; your home feels quiet and dull.
  • Your spouse has passed away (or asked for a divorce) and your home feels to big and probably costs too much financially or emotionally to maintain.
  • You’ve at last met the love of your life and are combining households.
  • You’re moving in with a friend or family member and are combining households.
  • Half of your friends have left town – permanently.
  • You have an unrequited yen to get out and see more of the world before you die.
  • The thrill is done from the way you’ve made your living all these years.
  • Your company gave you a gold watch and declared you retired.
  • You didn’t get the gold watch, but your full-time job has gone bye-bye.
  • You’ve survived a crisis – a serious illness, death, or abandonment of a spouse, a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina, or a reversal of financial fortune - and are forced to make a change.
  • Your elderly parents or sibling are failing and need your help.
  • You’re not a spry as you once were and you need help.
  • You are an incredible, forward-thinking person who never lets any grass grow under your feet and are planning ahead!

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Credits for these excerpts: Ciji Ware, author of Rightsizing Your Life®: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most

Rightsizing Your Life®: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most is available at Amazon.com
You can learn more about Ciji Ware at www.rightsizingyourlife.com

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