Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rightsizing without Compromise

Admittedly, the common human predisposition is to reject change in all its forms, even on those occasions when we know it may lead to a positive outcome. The truth of the matter is change is scary, specifically because of the fear of the unknown and the uncertain. It is also true that change is inevitable, so the only method for coping with change is to address it head on and to embrace the moment. 

In this way, many baby boomers often struggle with committing to their decision to "rightsize" their life, primarily due to the misconception that "rightsizing" is synonymous with "downsizing." Yet, many lifestyle communities, such as Athertyn at Haverford Reserve, prove that preconception wrong through their offerings of condominium homes with plenty of space for new beginnings without the slightest sense of sacrifice.

Dive into the good life at Athertyn

As Ciji Wares says, rightsizing "has more to do with the 'right' of the equation than 'size.'" As she describes the process- it’s the "thoughtful selection of the environment, possessions, and people that resonate for us." It means creating that ideal living space which frees you from your inhibitions and that fulfills you emotionally. Lifestyle communities, such as Pohlig's, do just this by providing homeowners with a simplified, maintenance-free lifestyle tailored to this phase in their lives. It’s not about bringing a previous stage in age to a close; it's about creating a new opportunity for growth and life inspired by this period in your lifetime. It's an exciting practice of taking advantage of the age you are "right" now and not about lingering in the outdated past.

One of Ciji's most valuable pieces of advice for all baby boomers approaching this moment of truth in their life, is "The one constant in life is change. It’s okay to be frightened, but seek out better solutions anyway!" Lifestyle communities provide you with that better solution.

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Credits for these excerpts: Ciji Ware, author of Rightsizing Your Life®: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most

Friday, May 27, 2011

People In Action - Chris Bergh

Chris Bergh, Project Manager at Pohlig Builders

Chris began working for Pohlig as a field laborer during college breaks, and then returned full-time after completing his degree in Construction Systems Management from Ohio State University. Chris translates client requests for the field and subcontractors and facilitates projects from permitting through completion. In his free time, Chris coaches youth league lacrosse. Chris' exposure to Pohlig Builders began at a young age, as his grandparents' house was one of Todd and Don Pohlig's first home projects in the 1970's.

To learn more about the people at the Pohlig Organization, visit www.pohligbuilders.com/whypohlig/ourpeople/


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Historic Highlight: Working in Tandem to Make Our Community Better

Pohlig Builders and Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors team up to host a Philabundance Food Drive

Pohlig Builders teamed up with the Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors Haverford Home Marketing Center, Rosemont, Bryn Mawr, Haverford Station and Gladwyne offices to host a Philabundance Food Drive and Brokers Open on Tuesday, October 12.  It is hard to believe there are 900,000 people in the Delaware Valley who don’t have enough food.  For almost 25 years, Philabundance has worked to fight hunger in the area. 

Want to make a gift?  Call 215-339-0900 or visit www.philabundance.org

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How you Know Rightsizing is Right for You

While the inevitable forces of time and change might seem to be daunting in the mind of today’s baby boomers, Ciji Ware, author of the book Rightsizing Your Life, seems to think otherwise as she actively seeks the opportunity to voice her opinion on how to embrace this new stage in age by rightsizing one’s life in the best way possible. As she describes it in her book, rightsizing is a process involving an assessment of “all aspects of living, holding out the opportunity ‘to get it right, once and for all.’ which is exactly what Todd and Don Pohlig had in mind through the creation of their new 55+ lifestyle community, Athertyn at Haverford Reserve. Through this new establishment the Pohlig organization has created a “rightsize” lifestyle designed to, as Ware would describe it, “liberate you from many real-life burdens and free you in ways you cannot now imagine.” Lifestyle communities, such as Pohlig’s, have taken Ciji Ware’s concept of “rightsizing” and have made it a reality by offering empty nesters a jumpstart into that process.

Athertyn at Haverford Reserve will relieve you from many real life burdons

However, for most baby boomers there endures this lingering question of how you know whether “rightsizing” is “right” for you at this point in your life. Ciji portrays the beginnings of this self-evolution as a sort of “moment of truth” when something occurs to make you realize that it’s time for a change- “Your old life doesn’t fit anymore.” It’s time to indulge in your fantasies of leading a simplified life by redefining your way of living, which is exactly what lifestyle communities are able to offer.

To help better identify that “moment of truth,” Ciji Ware has provided a list of scenarios describing when it’s finally time to make that change and enter the process of “rightsizing:”

  • You’re sick of putting up storm windows or mowing the lawn.
  • You’ve occasionally wondered how many sets of dishes a person can eat off at one time or how many Beanie Babies constitutes a collection
  • The family pet has passed away.
  • Your last child has gone to college – and your home feels empty.
  • Your kids are grown and have moved into their own places; your home feels quiet and dull.
  • Your spouse has passed away (or asked for a divorce) and your home feels to big and probably costs too much financially or emotionally to maintain.
  • You’ve at last met the love of your life and are combining households.
  • You’re moving in with a friend or family member and are combining households.
  • Half of your friends have left town – permanently.
  • You have an unrequited yen to get out and see more of the world before you die.
  • The thrill is done from the way you’ve made your living all these years.
  • Your company gave you a gold watch and declared you retired.
  • You didn’t get the gold watch, but your full-time job has gone bye-bye.
  • You’ve survived a crisis – a serious illness, death, or abandonment of a spouse, a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina, or a reversal of financial fortune - and are forced to make a change.
  • Your elderly parents or sibling are failing and need your help.
  • You’re not a spry as you once were and you need help.
  • You are an incredible, forward-thinking person who never lets any grass grow under your feet and are planning ahead!

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Credits for these excerpts: Ciji Ware, author of Rightsizing Your Life®: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most

Rightsizing Your Life®: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most is available at Amazon.com
You can learn more about Ciji Ware at www.rightsizingyourlife.com

Monday, May 23, 2011

People In Action - Ciji Ware

Best known for her talents as a radio and television personality in Los Angles, Ciji Ware has covered a wide range of topics including health and lifestyle.  She has over seventeen years of experience in the broadcasting field and has written a total of eight books over the years.  Ciji was the first woman graduate from Harvard College to become the president of its alumni association.  The mother of a grown son, she currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband of 35 years and dog named Ensign Aubrey.

Ciji Ware is a well known radio and television personality as well as an author of eight books

Ciji’s book, Rightsizing Your Life was chosen to be among the top 5 books on retirement in 2007 by The Wall Street Journal.  It demonstrates how to pare down household  possessions in a systematic way to reduce the stress, and find "true liberation from too much stuff" as you approach retirement without giving up the things that you love the most.

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Rightsizing Your Life®: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most by Ciji Ware is available at Amazon.com
Look for future blogs featuring excerpts from Ciji's book.  You can learn more about Ciji Ware at www.rightsizingyourlife.com

Friday, May 20, 2011

Telomeres Tells Us More about Living Longer

"Stress reduction in this era is almost an oxymoron..." says Anita Vogel of Fox News. In today’s world it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of responsibilities and commitments that we all have. Between, work, family, the house, the car, and friends- the list goes on. What we don't always realize is the far-reaching effects of allowing our bodies to undergo such immense pressure in the long-run. In fact, an article by Fox News cited the recent studies of the University of San Francisco (UCSF) that proved that we have the ability to lengthen our lives by reducing the amount of stress in our life.

Athertyn’s 50+ lifestyle community offers homeowners a simplified, maintenance-free, and most importantly, a stress reduced lifestyle

How, you may ask? By observing the telomeres, a gene-protecting DNA unit, UCSF has discovered that by lengthening telomeres we can actually lengthen the life of the cell and improve and extend our good health. In their studies, they observed that those individuals living under more stressful and traumatic conditions had considerably shorter telomeres than those individuals living under normal levels of stress. 

What does this mean for the health conscious baby boomers and empty nesters of today? Stress less and live longer! From Anita's best words of advice, "Getting de-stressed takes work and determination. For some it will involve a change in lifestyle and the way they view stress and hardships. Think yoga instead of sitting around and worrying." We couldn’t agree more. With the more recent establishment of lifestyle communities, such as Atheryn, innovative thinkers like Don and Todd Pohlig have created lifestyle housing geared toward relieving homeowners from those everyday worries and stressors. Their 50+ lifestyle community not only gives residents the opportunity to indulge in the activities and hobbies that they enjoy all within the walls of their clubhouse, but they also offer homeowners a simplified, maintenance-free, and most importantly, a stress reduced lifestyle. Perhaps lifestyle communities are just that "change in lifestyle" Anita was talking about?

Reference: Reduce Stress, Extend Your Life, Thanks to DNA's 'Life-Expectancy' Gene by Anita Vogel of Fox News

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

People In Action - Jessica Canto

With a calm, levelheaded approach -- and a lot of checklists -- as construction manager Jessica Canto keeps the Pohlig construction department firing smoothly on all cylinders. In her nine years with the company, Jessica has effectively and unflinchingly handled an astonishing amount of detail. From implementing the systems and process that keep the business humming to helping design, price, and coordinate product selections, to bidding out interior trades and managing numerous subcontractors for a project as complex as Athertyn, Jessica is the force responsible for putting the Pohlig vision into action.

Jessica Canto is Construction Manager at Pohlig Builders

Capably balancing work and family life, Jessica is a mother of two sons, Max(12) and Sam (5). When not in the office or on a job site, she enjoys kayaking, gardening, and participating in outdoor activities with her boys and her husband Chris.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pohlig Continues Tradition of Environmentally Sensitive Construction and Responsible Land Development at Athertyn at Haverford Reserve

From its inception, Haverford Reserve presented a unique infill opportunity to provide a mature Main Line community with a much-needed housing element and simultaneously create the largest suburban park in the area, connecting residents with a spectacular surrounding eco-environment reclaimed through the constructive reuse of an abandoned site.

Haverford Reserve, is a 209-acre parcel in the heart of the Main Line developed by Pohlig Builders and The Goldenberg Group as a preservation community on the site of a former hospital

The property, Haverford Reserve, is a 209-acre parcel in the heart of the Main Line developed by Pohlig Builders and The Goldenberg Group as a preservation community on the site of a former hospital. A 165-acre park accounts for 80 percent of the site's total area, and 90 percent of all new construction is contained within the previously developed footprint, preserving existing woodlands, stream valleys, and meadows.

Athertyn at Haverford Reserve clusters condominium homes in six four-story buildings around a private clubhouse, pool, tennis court, community vegetable garden, and formal flower gardens on a plateau overlooking 120 acres of open space. Extensive landscaping, gazebo reflection areas, and strategically placed benches along meandering pedestrian paths create direct connections to the adjacent park, where both active and passive recreational areas provide residents with miles of nature trails for walking, biking, and hiking right at their front door, bridging the gap between developed and natural areas. 

Athertyn at Haverford Reserve clusters new condominium homes  around a private clubhouse, pool, tennis court, and community gardens

Athertyn provides a lifestyle housing option previously lacking on the Main Line, offering its burgeoning boomer-generation the ability to exchange the burdens and costs of a large, empty-nest home for the freedom of maintenance-free, energy efficient, one-level living close to existing infrastructure and public transportation.

Pohlig brought its environmentally sensitive approach to every aspect of Athertyn’s development, from the recycling of concrete and metal from the old, abandoned structures to the use of energy-efficient materials and appliances, to provisions for recycling separation and storage in the completed buildings. With socialization and the pursuit of new experiences such an integral part of lifestyle living, new conservation ideas emerged with near complete participation once residents were made aware of the builder's efforts to minimize the community's carbon footprint.

Athertyn's innovative storm water management system reduces runoff by 50 percent as compared with the previous site use, improving the quality of any remaining runoff through pollution reduction methods such as rain gardens and vegetative filters that protect streams and wetlands. The land use plan and curvilinear entry drive incorporated existing mature trees and added 1,292 new native trees to the property, welcoming the broader community while helping to transform a once blighted site into an extraordinary pastoral setting.

Historic Highlight: The Pohlig Team Helps Make the 2009 Habitat for Humanity's Building Blitz a Huge Success

The Home Builders Association of Chester and Delaware Counties (HBA) sponsored the Habitat for Humanity’s Building Blitz in 2009, during which two twin homes were built by volunteers and members of the HBA.

Pohlig Builders’ David Malec, Todd Pohlig, and John Lyon take a break during the 2009 HBA of Chester and Delaware Counties Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build

As usual, the Pohlig team took part including Dave Malec, Todd Pohlig, and John Lyon.  On this occasion however, the team had the pleasure of taking part in the Blitz Build with Philadelphia Eagles’ cornerback Sheldon Brown who also contributed his time toward the effort.

Todd Pohlig with Philadelphia Eagles’ cornerback Sheldon Brown during the 2009 HBA of Chester and Delaware Counties Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build
New homes under construction for the 2009 HBA of Chester and Delaware Counties Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

People In Action - David Malec

David has been a valued member of Pohlig Builders since 1979. Throughout the years he has helped to develop many of the company's systems and procedures.

David Malec has been with Pohlig Builders since 1979

As Senior Superintendent, David manages many construction projects, overseeing the building of homes from the initial start-up to completion. David has a keen eye for architectural detailing and is fanatical about the quality of every aspect of your home. Recently David supervised the construction of the Athertyn Clubhouse at Haverford Reserve.

Out of the office, David enjoys hiking and birding -- even building his own birdhouses -- and is an avid tennis player. He participates yearly in a bike race from Philadelphia to New Jersey to benefit Multiple Sclerosis. A heartfelt thanks goes out to David for his determination and commitment over the years.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Athertyn Enrichment Series - Sizzling Hot BBQ Marinating Pointers

As part of the on going Enrichment Series, the Athertyn team and the Pohlig Organization are inviting folks to great tastes, self-discovery and learning.  Get fired up for the summer season with some new, easy to prepare recipes.  You'll relish this demonstration and tasting of the flavors and smells of summer.  Presented by Viking Culinary Center and Ferguson Enterprises.

The Athertyn team, the Pohlig Organization, Viking Culinary Center, and Ferguson Enterprises present "Sizzling Hot BBQ Marinating Pointers"

This event will be held Thursday, May 19th, 2011 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm at the Athertyn Clubhouse, 7700 Parkview Drive, Haverford, PA.  Those interested in attending this event can R.S.V.P. to Carrie Sullivan at 610-647-4700 or send an email to info@athertyn.com to reserve seats.

Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Live with Dogs in Condominiums

Making the decision to move can be stressful, especially when it involves owning a dog.  Making the change from a single family home to a condominium residence may seem like it is a limitation when you are a dog owner.  It does not have to be.  Here are some ways that you and your beloved dog can enjoy the same living space.

Life with a dog in a condominium is not only possible, but it can be very rewarding


Before you purchase your new condominium, arrange to take your dog on a tour of the community and homes to make sure the dog seems happy in the new surroundings and having other people around.  If your dog has some bad habits that may irritate others such as barking and scratching, try to break your dog of these habits before moving into your new home.  An obedience school may be worth while.  Keep in mind that not everyone likes dogs so the more people friendly your dog is, the more people will like your dog! 

If you feel that your dog is overly active and may run around and make noise while you are away, consider investing in a crate with bedding and place in a cozy corner.  This way your dog has a comfortable, safe, “den” to stay in while you are away and is less likely to stay out of trouble.

If you find that your dog likes to chew on moldings or finishes in your home, consider using “bitter apple” spray.  This gives the dog a nasty taste in their mouth and tends to keep dogs away from areas you do not want them to bite or chew.  You can also purchase vinyl molding covers to protect baseboards and such if you find your dog scratches or chews at a particular spot.


Dogs living in condominium homes may get less exercise than dogs that have an out door run.  Adjusting the diet of the dog may be helpful in preventing the dog from becoming overweight.  An overweight dog is an unhealthy dog and may change their behavior.  Consult your veterinarian for the best change in diet for your dog.

Bathroom Habits

Find the quickest exit to the outside in case of a doggy emergency.  You may want to invest in an indoor dog potty which is basically a large cat box with litter covered with an artificial grass-like mat material which allows fluid to pass through.  These mats can be cleaned or replaced so the odor does not become a problem.  If your dog has an emergency, they can then use the indoor doggy bathroom.  They do still need to go outside for exercise daily to maintain their good health.

If your dog has an accident on the common area floor or elevators;  vinegar can be a useful item when cleaning up dog urine. 


If you work or travel occasionally, find other dog owners in your community and socialize with them.  You may be able to take turns walking each other’s dogs when the time is needed.  This could be a great thing for both you and your dog!

You may not be able to open the back door and let your dog run free, but making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise will keep them happy in your new home.  By taking your dog for frequent daily walks will help them with this transition.  Typically, the larger the dog, the more vigorous exercise they need.  Condominium communities with walking trails and parks nearby are a good match for you and your dog.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Seeing is Believing!

Experience Athertyn's lifestyle, value, and location at our "Meet the Builder" Open House, Sunday, May 15

Todd and Don Pohlig, builders of Athertyn at Haverford Reserve pictured here at the Athertyn Residents' Clubhouse Gazebo

From the moment you drive through its welcoming stone entrance gate, it's clear that Athertyn at Haverford Reserve is an exceptional community. A winding tree-lined drive leads to the stately condominium residences and private clubhouse, all beautifully situated on a scenic plateau in the heart of the 209-acre Haverford Reserve. Just two miles from the Haverford train station, Athertyn offers convenient maintenance-free living and exceptional value right here on the Main Line.

Builders Don and Todd Pohlig will host a "Meet the Builder" Open House from 1PM until 4 PM on Sunday, May 15, at the Athertyn Sales & Design Center at 5109 Parkview Drive, near the intersection of College Avenue and Darby Road in Haverford, PA. Guests will have the opportunity to tour the award-winning residents' clubhouse and two fully decorated model homes, including the newly redecorated Clairemont model. Freshly spruced up for spring, the Clairemont is a spacious, light-filled corner design with a private terrace accessed from both the living room and the master suite. Like every home at Athertyn, the Clairemont features energy-saving appliances and energy-efficient construction designed to conserve resources and reduce energy bills.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Freedom Playground at Haverford Reserve

At Freedom Playground, children with disabilities and the children of adults with disabilities will have a place to play, grow and develop alongside one another.  The playground will offer an extensive variety of activities that promote social interaction, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory integration and most importantly, fun!

The Freedom Playground at Haverford Reserve today

Pohlig Organization employees, Roberto Campos and Don Sargent donated their time to the Haverford Township blitz build of the new all-abilities playground.  The playground uses composite lumber for both safety and longevity, and a special "Poured In Place" ground cover that provides accessibility for wheelchairs, walkers, strollers and toddlers.

The Freedom Playground at Haverford Reserve before construction began
Roberto Campos and Don Sargent of the Pohlig Organization donated their time to help build the Freedom Playground at Haverford Reserve

The playground is being used today and is a work in progress.  Additions are being made along the way and when it is complete will be a great place for children of all abilities to have fun!

The Freedom Playground at Haverford Reserve after the blitz build project

For directions and info visit the Freedom Playground at Haverford Reserve website at
visit them on Facebook: 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Now is the Best Time to Buy a House

Home sales in the Philadelphia region are fairing better than the rest of the country according to Prudential, Fox & Roach Chairman and CEO Larry Flick.

Prudential, Fox & Roach Chairman and CEO Larry Flick

“It is no surprise that home sales have decreased compared to the first quarter of last year, as the federal tax credit is no longer fueling the housing market,” reports Steve Storti, Senior VP of Marketing, Prudential Fox & Roach. “However, sales have continued to improve steadily over the past six months and conditions are right for the market to rebound in the near future as the economy continues to recover.”

Flick expects that the economy and real estate market will be improving in the near future. Making conditions ripe for home sales in the Philadelphia region, rebounding sooner than other parts of the country. He states that now is the best time ever to buy a house due to low interest rates and low house prices. Larry points out that 81% of people out there believe that a house is still the best long term investment to make.

Watch Prudential, Fox & Roach Chairman and CEO Larry Flick give an interview on why now is a great time to buy a home.

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