Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Time is the Best Time for Home Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is very important to ensure a safe and efficient home and to maintain your home’s long-term value.  Spring and fall is the best time to perform annual maintenance tasks.

Spring Time is the Best Time for Home Maintenance

Semi-Annual Maintenance Checklist:


Air Conditioner – If you have a separate air conditioning system, clean and change filters as the manufacturer recommends.  Make sure to turn humidifiers off when the air conditioning is on.

Heating Systems – Read the instruction manual for your system for specific directions.

Basement and Foundation - Check for cracks and moisture and discuss with a professional.

Interior Caulking and Grout - Inspect caulking and grout around tubs, showers, and sinks. If the caulking has pulled away, scrape it out and recaulk.

Water Heater - Drain water until clear of sediment; inspect flue assembly (gas heater); check for leaks and corrosion. 

Clothes Washer - Clean water inlet filters; check hoses and replace if leaking.

Clothes Dryer - Vacuum lint from ducts and surrounding areas.

Refrigerator - Clean drain hole and pan (more often in warm weather); wash door gasket; vacuum condenser coils. 

Wiring - Check for frayed cords and wires; check exposed wiring in basements, and call an electrician is if looks inferior or dangerous.

Exhaust Fans - Clean grill and fan blades.

Range Hood Fan - Wash fan blades, filters and housing.

Bathroom - Check for evidence of leaks around and under sinks, showers, toilets, and tubs.

Sink - Check all faucets, hose bibs, and supply valves for leakage.

Toilet - Check for leaks in water feed and tank bottom.

Breaker Box - Trip circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters to insure proper protection. 

Home Security – For security systems, check that the alarm and circuits are in working order; inspect the sensors one by one; and check primary and backup batteries.

Miscellaneous Interior:

  •  Inspect Fire Extinguisher.
  •  Replace batteries in Smoke Detectors.
  •  Clean out fireplaces.
  • Check walls and wooden materials for mildew and rot.
  • Check for pest infestation.


Outside Walls – Check for termite tubes and damaged wood.

Gutters and Downspouts – Keep clear of leaves and debris.

Windows and Doors – Check for leaks and caulk where necessary.

Roofs – A qualified roofer should inspect the roof every three years.

Grading – Make certain that water drains away from the home.

Driveways, Walks and Steps – Inspect for cracks and settling and make any necessary repairs.

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